Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ups & Downs

It's been a weird, stressful, busy and crazy two weeks!!

Last week seemed to have flown by as I could barely remember what I'd done during the week and by Friday night I was totally out of it.

I had a 'Burnout' or I felt like so.

This I think may have been the result of mounted pressure from college and family to complete my UCAS applications, the mountain of work I had to complete for media and the constant pressure of trying to put together my personal portfolio for Uni! Late and sleepless nights of perfecting my personal statements, working through pages of checklists, creating mood-boards and planning shoots saw Friday to be the longest and excruciatingly slowest day I have yet to experience. But with it came the completion of my UCAS applications and media workloads!
I felt like I no longer had the weight of the world on my shoulders, falling into a 12 hour sleep upon my return from college I woke up the next morning felling like I was on top pf the world!! (unfortunately I had an 8 hour shift at work) but I went in smiling! :D
Through all this I managed to play around with a new gadget I acquired from college, an Olympus OM-1n, and even carried out a test shoot with it aha!!

This past week got off to a better start and things were on the up side, received the prints from the test shoot and shot part two of my Colour Project

First pictures taken with the Olympus, images from the test shoot are yet to be scanned, I'll post them as soon as they're scanned!

BTS with my three amazing models and one of my best friends Klaudia!
This shoot was totally amazing!!
Post on that coming soon!

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